AWS for Dummies

Here are some of the basic question that one comes across while working with AWS. I will try and keep adding more to the list.

  • Can i change security group of my EC2  instance?

The answer is no. One can change security group of an instance that’s behind VPC only. Once an instance has started, one cannot change its security group.

  • Why i can’t ssh to my instance even when my security group has port 22 open?

Sometimes AWS instance behave just wired. A simple reboot of the instance should do the trick. At other times, check things like proxy servers. If you are behind a proxy server check and see if it allows you to connect to AWS instances.

  • How do i create multiple AWS users for my corporate account?

One needs to use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). It costs nothing extra and once its activated, one can create several users attached to one AWS account. One can control access rights and permissions too for each user.